Agata Siniarska

You are safe

This work deals with the problematics of movement and motion in the contemporary world. We can not escape the problems of our planet, there is no return to to pure beginning. So how to situate myself in and towards the world in which I move, non-move, mobilize, cause, irradiate, toxify, consume, trash, ecosystemize, globalize, anthropocenize, transform, ignore, harm, think, consider, pay attention? Do I notice? How much do I notice?

Agata Siniarska

Agata Siniarska, Ania Nowak, Katarzyna Wolińska

Mateusz Szymanówka

Jeanine Durning, Julia Rodriguez, Karolina Grzywnowicz

light design:
Joanna Leśnierowska


July 12ve 2018 at Nowy Teatr, Warsaw 

In the frame of WIDENING THE FIELD

choreographic program by Nowy Teatr, Warsaw and Art Stations Foundation, Poznan
curated by 
Joanna Leśnierowska

pictures by Maurycy Stankiewicz

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