Renata Piotrowska-Auffret

Uteri Migrantes

Uteri migrantes means „wandering wombs” in Latin. For centuries, the uterus was the common explanation of mostly male theories and fantasies about non-normative female behavior, such as shouting, laughing out loud, or making unusual gestures or movements. The main concept traveling through the ages has been the vision of the uterus as a living animal that causes a variety of female abnormalities (such as overturning the whites of the eyes, unnatural twisting limbs, or behaving in a way too emotional and dramatic). All the concepts that arose were aimed at controlling women – their way of life and self-expression. Which way of freeing ourselves from the historical and contemporary stigmas of wombs and female bodies resonates most in us today?
How can we rewrite history and claim the narrative that is ours?

Choreography / Direction / Texts: Renata Piotrowska-Auffret
Choreographic cooperation: Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, Anna Charlotta Nordanstedt (ANNA & CO)
Costume, Object: Pipa Piwosz
Music: Simon Auffret
Vocal compositions: Anna Szwajgier
Light Design: Joanna Lesnierowska 
Video: Katarzyna Fabińska
Dramaturgical advice: Michael de Cock, Joanna Leśnierowska
Reseaerch: Natalia Miłuńska, Natalia Oniśk, Aleksandra Osowicz

Partners: Ochota Theater (Poland)
Executive producers: Karolina Wycisk / Performat Production (Poland), Météores – plateforme chorégraphique et constellation artistique (France)

Co-production: KVS Brussels (Belgium), Dans I Trondelag (Norway), House of Utopia & Teatr Łaźnia Nowa (Poland), International Festival of Dance and Performance Body / Mind, DOCK ART, Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin

Polish premiere at Body/MInd 2022, Warsaw

Belgium premiere – October 2023 at KVS Brussels



(from presentation at dock11 Berlin)

Joanna Leśnierowska

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