Isabelle Schad & Laurent Goldring

Personne with Voice

Faces, hands, and voices: as part of a long weekend of dance, Radialsystem presents the German premiere of the solo performance “Personne With Voice”, by Isabelle Schad and Laurent Goldring. Their new choreography originates with the concept of “Personne”: “Personne” is the French word for “person” and “cognisance”. It can also refer to absence, as in the expression “il n’y a personne” – “there is no one”. In Roman antiquity, “persona” referred to masks – theatre masks that represent a character or a ritual mask that specify the dancers’ social positions. A gradual shift moves the meaning through all these layers of identity, whether it be understood as personality, character, or as a subject without individual features.

“Personne With Voice” arose out of a creative process that is characteristic of their collaboration: the interweaving of the dialogue between the two artists with the projects that they work on individually.

Concept and Choreography
Isabelle Schad
Laurent Goldring

Isabelle Schad

Joanna Lesnierowska

Ivan Bartsch

premiere April 28th 2023

at Radialsystem, Berlin


picture by Laurent Goldring

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