The viewer, upon entering the Modelatornia stage, meets five actors and dancers who look at their own bodies and their sensibilities. They lead the audience into a space of language games, lotteries of associations, searching for meanings or creating ideologies. Thus, they invite the viewer to co-create the theater. For the creators of the show, the body and its experience has no boundaries of interpretation and is intergenerational, hence the title Bulletists will take any viewer from 12 to 102 years of age into their world. 

This performance is an attempt to name the intangible, and at the same time speculate on how movement can be conveyed in words. When we look at a dance, do our thoughts also begin to dance? The dancers (Szpunar and Fejdasz) dance, and the actors (Caban, Świtała, Wosik) try to name what they see. Along with the need for perfection and the attempt to capture the choreography in words, the plot of the drama develops, which becomes a pretext to tell about what is individual, common, different and similar in us at the same time.


CREATION & PERFORMANCE Magda Fejdasz / Cecylia Caban / Monika Szpunar / Michał Świtała/ Konrad Wosik

CHOREOGRAPHY Weronika Pelczyńska

DRAMATURGY Patrycja Kowańska

KOSTIUMY Monika Nyckowska 

MUZYKA  Natan Kryszk

LIGHT Joanna Leśnierowska 

premiere January 15th 2022  

at Teatr Kochanowskiego, Opole, PL

pictures Joanna Lesnierowska
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