Anna Nowicka

I never fall apart, because  I never fall together

Anna Nowicka’s attempt to construct a mobile (movable, mutable) self-portrait that fails to be captured and fixed. In this constant becoming she unveils a rip through which an agglomerate of a fragments that define us flows in. Individual and collective memories, beliefs, expectations, lies, dreams, promises, clichés and second hand experiences that shape body as a site of a struggle. A push out of a comfort zone, a search for a change and parade of trust. This performance of instability welcomes the inevitable fall, which brakes the representational pattern and opens the void in which self faces the multitude without desire to grab and hold.

Choreography and dance: Anna Nowicka
Dramaturgy: Ivona Šijaković
Music: Pamela Mendez
Costumes:Tanja Padan
Lights: Joanna Leśnierowska
Production: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk
Coproduction: Instytut Polski, Berlin
With the support: Jardin d’Europe / WASP Studios, Bukareszt; Stowarzyszenie „Tratwa” – CEiIK, Olsztyn
Production in Germany: Raisa Kröger,  Cilgia Carla Gadola
Premiere: April 13th 2014 at

Art Stations Foundation, Poznan, PL


pictures Jakub Wittchen

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