Foreignlanguagesness  attempts to reach the depth of broadly understood alienation. A question about the reasons for the feeling of alienation in the surrounding reality, the society, ones body was the starting point for the creation of the performance. The company seeks the answer to the problem by means of a series of poetic images and an original movement language created on the bases of physical dance techniques.

The creation of a dance space, which would meaningfully determine the dancers behavior in the same way that the surrounding reality determines our behavior and feelings – pop-culture and the omnipresent theatralization and artificiality of life – is another sonorous element of the spectacles.

”Foreignlanguagesness” is a spectacle which, by no means, lacks auto-irony. It is a spectacle which, with all seriousness, poses a question about the elements of alienation. The co-existence of the real and the virtual is presented with the help of contemporary dance techniques and intensive, audio-visual experiences. The mutual affection of energies understood as foreignlanguagesness – row and styled movement, inner and outer impulses, words, sounds, noises – is in the centre. The space is the determining factor in the message. (…)
Contemporary dance theatre in its top form.

Stefanie Möller, Leipziger Zeitung, 25th of October 2005

”Foreignlanguagesness” makes an enormous impression. A series of images takes place in a white cube on the stage. We observe four female dancers – each of them struggling with their own loneliness. The artists have worked on all the spectacle’s elements with utmost care. These, indeed, concerns its every aspect: the music, the scenery, the programme which is the projects integral element. The ending, however, is the most surprising part(…) When the spectator thinks that they handled the spectacle’s interpretation, they get a flip on the nose. All that’s left is to laugh and to muse over the issue of foreignlanguagesness once more…

Agata Rosińska, City News, December 2005

Natalia Draganik, Joanna Leśnierowska

Natalia Draganik, Wioleta Kenczyńska, Joanna Leśnierowska, Agnieszka Piotrowska

set design
Mariusz Szmytkowski

Mauricio Takara

lights design
Daniel Adamski

Łukasz Kędzierski

graphic design
Piotr Zdanowicz


pictures Jakub Wittchen

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