Since 2004, the Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk has been supporting the development of contemporary choreography through its performative program based in Poznań, known internationally as Stary Browar Nowy Taniec / Old Brewery New Dance. Curated by Joanna Lesnierowska, it offers the Polish and international dance communities a unique meeting point in Central Eastern Europe, serving as a platform for research, creation, and choreographic reflection. The program brings the art of choreography into dialogue with other disciplines, examining its history, theory, and future, while also revisiting and examining its artistic, political, and social content and context.

The embodied thinking process in constant motion, known as choreographic practice, was at the center of ACZIUN SUSCH. The politically-natured discursive choreography continuously challenges naturalized and imposed ways of perceiving and experiencing the body and world, creating alternative perspectives. Choreography that expands the gap between visual arts and dance, defining its own autonomous territory, found for 5 years visibility and space within ACZIUN SUSCH.

The research residency program combined space for reflection and individual practice with public rehearsals, workshops, performances and lectures. 

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